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Mitigating Risk In Your Care Home With The Timotay Family Pod

Visiting is a central part of any care home life. It is recognised bring crucially important for maintaining health and wellbeing and quality of life for residents. Visiting is also vital for family and friends, in order for them to maintain contact and life-long relationships with loved ones and contribute to their support and care (often as essential carers).

Welcoming visitors into any care homes from the community inevitably brings infection risk. This is a risk that care homes can mitigate and should be balanced against the importance of visiting and the benefits it brings to care home residents and their families.

Timotay have developed a Family Pod that helps to mitigate risk, whilst enabling visitors from loved ones to once again commence in a safe and secure way. The Family Pod is built to last and will be a fantastic additional to any Care Home setting, providing additional and safe space for family's to meet loved ones. 

  • Easy Clean Surface - Durable HDPE table and shelf tops provide and ideal cleaning surface, which can be effortlessly wiped clean to prevent the build-up of bacteria
  • Protective Measures - Minimise the risk of contamination with the table-top social distancing screen and two sanitising stations located in the Family Pod entrance
  • Canvas Door - Roll-up door provides a weather-tight barrier through all four seasons
  • Self-Supporting Structure - Sits on any hard, level surface
  • Adjustable Seat Height - Retractable seat risers allows users opt for a higher sitting position - aiding those who struggle sitting/standing
  • Built-In Storage - A mix of open and closed storage units provide ample room for essential items such as cleaning products, walking aids, cushions
  • Wheelchair Accessible - Seating areas and table can easily be accessed with a wheelchair or standard mobility aids
  • Space Saving Stools - A combination of clever design and ultimate practicality. Two square stools provide additional seating for larger social gatherings, and can be hidden away under the central table
  • Improved Comfort - Optimised seat height, arm rests and cushioned back support all contribute to ensuring that users can sit for longer duration without any discomfort
  • Inclusive Lap Trays - Removable trays offer a clever solution for users that may struggle reaching/accessing the central table

For further guidance around visits to care homes see the government website, section 2.3


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Timotay Family Pod
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